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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 20(1981)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-5

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 6, pp.6-6

Minutes of the 1981 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 7, pp.7-10

The Constitution and By-laws of the Society. Page 11, pp.11-15

Constitution et règlement de la Société. Page 16, pp.16-20

Charles Darwin: Some Bibliographical Problems and Textual Implications. Richard G. Landon. Page 21, pp.21-40

The Identity of A.G. Meacham, Author and Compiler of Canadas First Methodist History. J. William Lamb. Page 41, pp.41-49

The Golden Dog and Le Chien d'or: Le Mays French Translation of Kirbys Novel. David M. Hayne. Page 50, pp.50-62

Raymond Souster's New Wave Canada: A Bibliographical Note. Bruce Whiteman. Page 63, pp.63-65

Books in Review. David B. Kotin. Page 66, pp.66-93

Martin Lowry, The World of Aldus Manutius: Business and Scholarship in Renaissance Venice. Bruce Whiteman. Page 67, pp.66-93

William A. Pettas, The Giunti of Florence: Merchant Publishers of the Sixteenth Century. Bruce Whiteman. Page 68, pp.66-93

J.H. Loudon, James Scott and William Scott, Bookbinders. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 69, pp.66-93

Geoffrey Ashall Glaister, Glaister's Glossary of the Book: Terms used in Papermaking, Printing, Bookbinding and Publishing with notes on Illuminated Manuscripts and Private Presses. Douglas G. Lochhead. Page 70, pp.66-93

Kenneth A. Lohf, The History of Printing from its Beginnings to 1930: The Subject Catalogue of the American Type Founders Company Library in the Columbia University Libraries. Peter E. Greig. Page 72, pp.66-93

Maureen Bradbury, Fine Printing by Canadian Private Presses: A Descriptive Listing of the Holdings of Special Collections. Part I: Presses outside Ontario; Part II: Presses of Ontario. William Rueter. Page 76, pp.66-93

Sue Hodson, Guide to Literary Manuscripts in the Huntington Library. Anne MacDermaid. Page 77, pp.66-93

Jean Peters, Collectible Books: Some New Paths. John Mappin. Page 78, pp.66-93

Gerald Donaldson, Books: Their History, Art, Power, Glory, Infamy and Suffering according to Their Creators, Friends and Enemies. David B. Kotin. Page 81, pp.66-93

Daniel F. McGrath, Bookman's Price Index: A Guide to the Values of Rare and Other Out-of-Print Books. William F.E. Morley. Page 82, pp.66-93

Margaret L. Young and Harold C. Young, Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers .... David B. Kotin. Page 82, pp.66-93

Canadiana 1867-1900, Monographs: Canada's National Bibliography. Clifford Collier. Page 83, pp.66-93

Helmut Kallmann, Gilles Potvin and Kenneth Winters, Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. Bruce Whiteman. Page 85, pp.66-93

Walter S. Avis and A.M. Kinloch, Writings on Canadian English, 1792-1975: An Annotated Bibliography. William F.E. Morley. Page 86, pp.66-93

Patricia W. Hart, comp., Local History of the Regional Municipalities of Peel, York, and Durham: An Annotated Listing of Published Materials Located in the Public Libraries in the Regional Municipalities of Peel, York, and Durham. William F.E. Morley. Page 87, pp.66-93

Alan F. J. Artibise and Gilbert A. Stelter, Canada's Urban Past: A Bibliography to 1980 and Guide to Canadian Urban Studies. Donald Swainson. Page 88, pp.66-93

Olga B. Bishop, Canadian Official Publications. William F. E. Morley, pp.66-93

Denis Monière et André Vachet, Les Idéologies au Québec: bibliographie. Geoffrey Ewen. Page 90, pp.66-93

Zusammengestellt von Werner Martin, Bertrand Russell: A Bibliography of his Writings / Eine Bibliographie seiner Schriften / 1895-1976. Carl Spadoni. Page 90, pp.66-93

Richard T. de George, The Philosopher's Guide to Sources, Research Tools, Professional Life, and Related Fields. Carl Spadoni. Page 92, pp.66-93

Books Received for Review. Page 94, pp.94-95