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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 18(1979)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 4, pp.4-4

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 6, pp.6-6

Minutes of the 1979 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 7, pp.7-13

In Memoriam: Reginald Eyre Watters, 1912-1979. Page 15, pp.15-18

Descriptive Bibliography: Its Definition and Function. Roy Stokes. Page 19, pp.19-25

Education for Descriptive Bibliography. Richard G. Landon. Page 27, pp.27-29

Historical Bibliography: Its Role in Canadian Descriptive Bibliography. John A. Wiseman. Page 31, pp.31-37

Sources for the Study of the Book Trades in Nineteenth-Century Toronto. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 39, pp.39-46

Graphic Publishers and the Bibliographer: An Introduction and Checklist. David B. Kotin. Page 47, pp.47-54

François-Xavier Garneau: aspects bibliographiques. Paul Wyczynski. Page 55, pp.55-77

Bibliographical Aspects of Bell's Translation of Garneau's Histoire du Canada. William F.E. Morley. Page 79, pp.79-85

Books in Review. William F.E. Morley. Page 87, pp.87-123

Reynald Boult, A Bibliography of Canadian Law / Bibliographie du droit canadien. W. Kenneth Whiteway. Page 87, pp.87-123

A Bibliography of History and Heritage of the National Capital Region / Une Bibliographie de l'histoire et du patrimoine de la region de la capitale nationale. Edward Phelps. Page 88, pp.87-123

Dean Tudor, Nancy Tudor and Linda Biesenthal, Canadian Book Review Annual: 1976. Linda Dowler. Page 89, pp.87-123

Andrea Retfalvi, comp., Canadian Illustrated News (Montreal): Index to Illustrations. Vol. 1-3. 1869-1871 . Eve Albrich. Page 90, pp.87-123

Cimon Morin, Canadian Philately: Bibliography and Index, 1864-1973 / Philatélie canadienne: bibliographie et index. Edward Phelps and Marvin Post. Page 91, pp.87-123

Frances Carol, Contemporary Authors: A Bio-Bibliographical Guide to Current Writers in Fiction, General Nonfiction ... and Other Fields. William F.E. Morley. Page 92, pp.87-123

Christine Nasso, Contemporary Authors, Permanent Series .... William F.E. Morley. Page 92, pp.87-123

M.A. Shaaber, English Seventeenth-Century Imprints in the Libraries of the University of Pennsylvania. Philip M. Teigen. Page 93, pp.87-123

Alan Cooke and Clive Holland, The Exploration of Northern Canada, 500 to 1920: A Chronology. William F.E. Morley. Page 94, pp.87-123

Marc Gagné, Gilles Vigneault: bibliographie descriptive et critique, discographie, filmographie, iconographie, chronologie. Irma Larouche. Page 95, pp.87-123

Catherine A. Pross and A. Paul Pross, A Guide to the Identification and Acquistion of Canadian Provincial Government Publications. Hazel I. MacTaggart. Page 96, pp.87-123

Donna Phillips, In Search of Canadian Materials. Donald Swainson. Page 97, pp.87-123

Donna Phillips, In Search of Canadian Materials. First Supplement. Donald Swainson. Page 97, pp.87-123

Roger Sheppard and Judith Sheppard, International Directory of Book Collectors 1978-80: A Directory of Book Collectors in Britain, America and the Rest of the World. John Wiseman. Page 98, pp.87-123

Mary-Jo Stevenson, comp., Italian Reference Aids. John Keith Wikeley. Page 99, pp.87-123

S.D. Neill, ed., The Journal of the Canadian Library Science Society: An Annual Review and a Selection of the Best Writings from the Canadian Library Publications / La Revue de la Société de bibliothéconomie canadienne: une revue annuelle et une sélection des meilleures oeuvres de publications canadiennes de bibliothéconomie. Edward Phelps. Page 100, pp.87-123

Pauline J. Roulston, Place Names of Peel: Past & Present. David M. Hayne. Page 103, pp.87-123

André Beaulieu, Jean Hamelin, Jocelyn Saint Pierre et Jean Boucher, La Presse québécoise des origines à nos jours, III, 1880-1895. David M. Hayne. Page 103, pp.87-123

Robert J. Menzies, Psychiatry and the Judicial Process: A Bibliography. D.A. Redmond. Page 105, pp.87-123

Le Roman canadien-français: évolution, témoignages, bibliographie. Michel Brisebois. Page 106, pp.87-123

S. E. Sprott, A Short-Title Catalogue of the Dalhousie Bacon Collection. Derek F. Crawley. Page 107, pp.87-123

Rolf Knight, Work Camps and Company Towns in Canada and the U.S.: An Annotated Bibliography. Duncan Meikle. Page 108, pp.87-123

Patrick M. O. Evans, The Wrights: A Genealogical Study of the First Settlers in Canada's National Capital Region. Edward Phelps. Page 109, pp.87-123

Adele Sarkissian, Children's Authors and Illustrators: An Index to Biographical Dictionaries. Ida M. Gibbard. Page 110, pp.87-123

Irene E. Aubrey, Pictures to Share: Illustration in Canadian Children's Books / Images pour tous: illustration de livres canadiens pours enfants. Ida M. Gibbard. Page 110, pp.87-123

Trevor J. O. Dick, Economic History of Canada: A Guide to Information Sources. Donald Swainson. Page 111, pp.87-123

Irene Lackner and Gerald Prodick, Directory of Economic Libraries in Canada. Peggy Reuber. Page 112, pp.87-123

Ethel Auster, Reference Sources on Canadian Education: An Annotated Bibliography. Deborah C. Sawyer. Page 113, pp.87-123

Edward Jackson, A Guide to Educational Records in the Possession of Four City Boards of Education - Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Windsor. Deborah C. Sawyer. Page 113, pp.87-123

Gale Moore, A Guide to the Literature of the History of Medicine. Barbara C. Gibson. Page 115, pp.87-123

The Osler Library. Tom Flemming. Page 116, pp.87-123

Ian Wees, The National Library of Canada: Twenty-five Years After: A Retrospective Overview. J.J. Talman. Page 117, pp.87-123

Irma Larouche, comp., National Library of Canada: A Bibliography / Bibliothèque national du Canada: une bibliographie. Beth Miller. Page 118, pp.87-123

Françoise Grivot, Charlotte de Sugar de Hegyfalu, Odette Sargnon et Léo P. Hébert, Bibliographie analytique des thèses de doctorat des universités de France (1966-1974). Deborah C. Sawyer. Page 119, pp.87-123

Antoine Naaman et Léo P. Brodeur, Répertoire des thèses littéraires canadiennes de 1921 à 1976. Deborah C. Sawyer. Page 119, pp.87-123

Philomena Hauck, Sourcebook on Canadian Women. Nancy Leitch. Page 121, pp.87-123

Harold A. Waters, Black Theater in French: A Guide. Richard Plant. Page 122, pp.87-123

Wayne Roberts, The Hamilton Working Class, 1820-1977: A Bibliography. Beth Miller. Page 122, pp.87-123