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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 16(1977)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page iv, pp.iv-iv

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page vi, pp.vi-vi

Minutes of the 1977 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 1, pp.1-7

The Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies: Some proposals for its future. A Report. D.G. Lochhead, P.E. Greig. Page 8, pp.8-16

Le Dictionnaire des oeuvres litteraires du Quebec. Maurice Lemire. Page 17, pp.17-22

The Confessions of a Canadian Opus Eater. William F.E. Morley. Page 23, pp.23-30

Tune-Book Imprints in Canada to 1867: A Descriptive Bibliography. Barclay McMillan. Page 31, pp.31-57

Two Notes on Nova Scotia Bibliography. Thomas E. Vincent. Page 58, pp.58-59

Books in Review. William F.E. Morley. Page 60, pp.60-82

Bibliography on Metric Conversion. Peter F. McNally. Page 60, pp.60-82

C.B. Theberge, Canadiana on Your Bookshelf; Collecting Canadian Books. David B. Kotin. Page 61, pp.60-82

George Woodcock, Canadian Poets 1960-1973: A Checklist. Douglas Lochhead. Page 61, pp.60-82

Grace E. Heggie, Canadian Political Parties, 1867-1968: A Historical Bibliography. Donald Swainson. Page 62, pp.60-82

A.R. Hazelgrove, Checklist of Kingston Imprints to 1867. Margaret Angus. Page 63, pp.60-82

George A. Nader, Cities of Canada. Volume I: Theoretical, Historical and Planning Perspectives; Volume II: Profiles of Fifteen Metropolitan Centres. William F. Morley. Page 63, pp.60-82

F. G. Halpenny and J. Hamelin, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume IX, 1861 to 1870. Anthony J. Looy. Page 64, pp.60-82

R. G. Moyles, English-Canadian Literature to 1900: A Guide to Information Services. D.M.R. Bentley. Page 64, pp.60-82

Beatrice K. Basler, Health Sciences Librarianship: A Guide to Information Sources. Mae Morley. Page 66, pp.60-82

Almuth Désautels, History and Philosophy of Science: A Student's Guide to Reference Sources. Peter J. Bowler. Page 66, pp.60-82

Denis Monière et André Vachet, Les idéologies au Québec. Irma Larouche. Page 66, pp.60-82

Frederick R. Goff, Incunabula in American Libraries: a Third Census of Fifteenth-Century Books Recorded in North American Collections. William F.E. Morley. Page 67, pp.60-82

A.R. Hazelgrove, Index to Douglas Library Notes: Volume 1 (1951) - Volume 21 (1971). Peter E. Greig. Page 69, pp.60-82

Adam and Filomena Kantautas, A Lithuanuan Bibliography. Beth Miller. Page 69, pp.60-82

Northern Saskatchewan Bibliography. Donald Wetherell. Page 70, pp.60-82

Robert Vaison, Nova Scotia, Past and Present; a Bibliography and Guide. William F.E. Morley. Page 70, pp.60-82

Suzanne Lauzier, Norman Cormier, Ghyslaine Houle et Yvon-André Lauzon, Les ouvrages de référence du Québec supplément 1967-1974. Jean-Marie Brière. Page 71, pp.60-82

Robert Hill, Pioneer Journalism in the Chateauguay Valley. Peter E. Greig. Page 71, pp.60-82

André Beaulieu et Jean Hamelin, La presse québécoise des origines à nos jours Tome deuxième 1860-1879. Monique Trudel. Page 72, pp.60-82

André Beaulieu et Jean Hamelin, La presse québécoise des origines à nos jours. Tome troisième 1880-1895. Monique Trudel. Page 73, pp.60-82

Hugh Ford, Published in Paris; American and British Writers, Printers, and Publishers in Paris, 1920-1939. David B. Kotin. Page 73, pp.60-82

Ol'ha Woycenko, Scripta Manet...A Bio-Bibliography of J.B. Rudnyc'kyj. Beth Miller. Page 74, pp.60-82

University of Toronto Doctoral Theses, 1968-1975: A Bibliography. George F. Henderson. Page 74, pp.60-82

Lynne Jarman, ed., Canadian music, a selected checklist 1950-1973. Rhoda Resnick. Page 75, pp.60-82

Gwendolyn Creelman, Canadian Music Scores and Recordings, a Classified Catalogue of the Holdings of Mount Allison University Libraries. Rhoda Resnick. Page 75, pp.60-82

Don Rubin, ed., Canada On Stage. Canadian Theatre Review Yearbook 1976. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 75, pp.60-82

Richard Stoddard, Stage Scenery, Machinery, and Lighting. A guide to information sources. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 75, pp.60-82

John Ball and Richard Plant, A Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History, 1583-1975. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 76, pp.60-82

Don Rubin, ed., Canadian Theatre Review. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 76, pp.60-82

Checklist of Canadian Theatres. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 76, pp.60-82

Irene E. Aubrey, Sources of French Canadian Materials for Children. Charlotte Dorne. Page 76, pp.60-82

Irene E. Aubrey, comp., Canadian Children's Books: A Treasury of Pictures/Livres canadiens d 'enfants: un trésor d'images. Charlotte Dorne. Page 76, pp.60-82

Notable Canadian Children's Books/Un choix de livres canadiens pour la jeunesse. Charlotte Dorne. Page 76, pp.60-82

Irma McDonough, Canadian Books for Children/Livres canadiens pour enfants. Charlotte Dorne. Page 77, pp.60-82

Eleanor Beattie, The Handbook of Canadian Film. Peter Morris. Page 78, pp.60-82

Seth Feldman and Joyce Nelson, Canadian Film Reader. Peter Morris. Page 78, pp.60-82

Margrit Eichler, An Annotated Selected Bibliography of Bibliographies on Women, 2d ed.. Nancy C. Leitch. Page 79, pp.60-82

Margrit Eichler, Canadian Newsletter of Research on Women, vol. V, no. 3. Nancy C. Leitch. Page 79, pp.60-82

Margrit Eichler, John Marecki and Jennifer Newton, Canadian Newsletter of Research on Women, Special Publication No. 3, Women: A Bibliography of Special Periodical Issues, 1960-1975. Nancy C. Leitch. Page 79, pp.60-82

Anne B. Piternick, National Conference on the State of Canadian Bibliography, Vancouver, Canada, May 22-24, 1974: Proceedings. Elizabeth Hulse. Page 80, pp.60-82

Anne B. Piternick, Basil Stuart-Stubbs, William J. Watson, Clarisse Cardin and Sheila V. Balchin, Conférence nationale sur l'état de la bibliographie au Canada, Vancouver, Canada, les 22, 23 et 24 mai 1974. Comptes rendus. Michel Brisebois. Page 81, pp.60-82