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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 15(1976)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page iv, pp.iv-v

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page vi, pp.vi-vi

Minutes of the 1976 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 1, pp.1-5

Directory of Members of the Society (1976). Page 6, pp.6-15

Editing the Letters of Joseph Howe. M.G. Parks. Page 16, pp.16-23

A Bibliographical Essay on William Kirby's The Golden Dog, 1877-1977. Elizabeth Brady. Page 24, pp.24-48

Andrew James Bell: A Great Toronto Book-Collector. Larry Pfaff. Page 49, pp.49-60

Some Additions to J.R. Harper's Historical Directory of New Brunswick Newspapers. Thomas B. Vincent. Page 61, pp.61-61

Indexes, Indexing, and the Bibliographical Society of Canada. Page 62, pp.62-68

Books in Review. William F.E. Morley. Page 69, pp.69-98

Bruce Peel, Rossville Mission Press; the Invention of the Cree Syllabic Characters, and the First Printing in Rupert's Land. Nan Shipley. Page 69, pp.69-98

Norman Cormier et al, La chanson au Québec, 1965-1975. Bibliographies québécoises, no. 3. Irma Larouche. Page 71, pp.69-98

John Ball and Richard Plant, A Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History 1583-1975. Dorothy E. Ryder. Page 73, pp.69-98

Dorothy Sedgwick, A Bibliography of English-language Theatre and Drama in Canada, 1800-1914, Occasional publications, no. 1. Dorothy E. Ryder. Page 73, pp.69-98

Prudence Tracy, ed., Design Canada, The Look of Books/Les plus beaux livres, 1975. Beth Miller. Page 75, pp.69-98

Evangelos A. Afendras et Albertina Pianarosa, Le bilinguisme chez l'enfant et l'apprentissage d'une langue seconde: bibliographie analytique. Alison d'Anglejan. Page 76, pp.69-98

Jean-Guy Savard et Richard Vigneault, Multilingual Political Systems: Problems and Solutions/Les etats multilingues: problémes et solutions. Mariano De Marinis. Page 77, pp.69-98

The Multilingual Press in Manitoba. Irena Bell. Page 78, pp.69-98

Judith St. John, Dana Tenny and Hazel I Taggart, The Osborne Collection of early children's books, 1476-1910. a catalogue. Irene E. Aubrey. Page 79, pp.69-98

W. George Richardson, A Survey of Canadian Mining History. Norman R. Ball. Page 80, pp.69-98

Canadian Engineering Heritage Record, Catalogue 1972-74. Norman R. Ball. Page 80, pp.69-98

Lyall Manson, An Index of Names in 'Lunenburgh or the Old Eastern District' by Jacob Farrand Pringle, published in 1890. A. R. Hazelgrove. Page 82, pp.69-98

Micheal Marien, Societal Directions and Alternatives. A Critical Guide To The Literature. Hugh A. Stevenson. Page 83, pp.69-98

Olga B. Bishop, Publications of the Goverment of Ontario 1867-1900. Doris E. Wagg. Page 85, pp.69-98

Hazel I. Taggart and Kenneth Sundquist, Publications of the Government of Ontario, 1956-1971: A Checklist. Edith T. Jarvis. Page 86, pp.69-98

S.-A. Lortie, Paysans et ouvriers québécois d'autrefois. - Paysan de Saint-Irenée. Alfred Van Peteghem. Page 87, pp.69-98

A bibliography of history and heritage of the National Capital Region/Une bibliographie de l'histoire et du patrimoine de la region de la capitale nationale. George F. Henderson. Page 88, pp.69-98

C. Anne Hemstock and Geraldine A. Cooke, Yukon Bibliography, Update 1963-1970. William F.E. Morley. Page 89, pp.69-98

C. Anne Hemstock, comp. and Geraldine A. Cooke, ed., Yukon Bibliography, Update to 1973. William F.E. Morley. Page 89, pp.69-98

Margaret H. Edwards and John C.R. Lort, A Bibliography of British Columbia: Years of Growth, 1900-1950. William F.E. Morley. Page 90, pp.69-98

F. Spitzer and E. Silvester, McGill University Thesis Directory. Vol. II, 1960-1973. Anne MacDermaid. Page 91, pp.69-98

Frank Davey, From There to Here (Our Nature - Our Voices, Vol. 2). F. Dolores Donnelly. Page 92, pp.69-98

David Sinclair and Germaine Warkentin, The New World Journal of Alexander Graham Dunlop, 1845. Jane Graves. Page 93, pp.69-98

Lawrence W. Lande, Canadiana Miscellanies; A Checklist. Jane Graves. Page 93, pp.69-98

C.B. Theberge, Canadiana on Your Bookshelf; Collecting Canadian Books. William F.E. Morley. Page 94, pp.69-98

Joyce Irene Whalley, Writing Implements and Accessories; from the Roman Stylus to the Typewriter. William F.E. Morley. Page 94, pp.69-98

Roderick Cave, Rare Book Librarianship. William F.E. Morley. Page 95, pp.69-98

Maureen Newman and Philip Stratford, Bibliography of Canadian Books in Translation: French to English and English to French/Bibliographie de livres canadiens traduits de l'Anglais au Français et du Français à l'Anglais. William F.E. Morley. Page 95, pp.69-98

Kelsie B. Harder, Illustrated Dictionary of Place Names, United States and Canada. William F.E. Morley. Page 96, pp.69-98

Roy Jackson Fletcher, Settlements of Northern Canada: A Gazetteer and Index. William F.E. Morley. Page 96, pp.69-98

Joan Finnigan and Frank C. Johnston, ill. and design, Kingston: Celebrate This City. William F.E. Morley. Page 97, pp.69-98

Kathleen Saunders, Saunders' History of Georgetown. William F.E. Morley. Page 97, pp.69-98

Francess G. Halpenny, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume III, 1741 to 1770. William F.E. Morley. Page 97, pp.69-98

Means and Purposes: A Suggestion to Our Members and Friends. Page 98, pp.98-98