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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 12(1973)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 1, pp.1-1

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 2, pp.2-2

Minutes of the 1973 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 3, pp.3-6

An Historian's Adventures in Archivia and Beyond. Peter B. Waite. Page 7, pp.7-20

Joseph Abbott's Emigrant to North America: The Growth and Spread of a Text. David Sinclair. Page 21, pp.21-27

The 1973 Colloquium on Canadian Bibliography. Page 28, pp.28-28

Presentation of the Tremaine Medal. Marie Tremaine. Page 29, pp.29-30

Greeting the Unknowns with a Cheer. Carl F. Klinck. Page 31, pp.31-37

Early Geographical Writing in English on British North America. John Warkentin. Page 38, pp.38-71

Reports of works-in-progress: Pre-Confederation Ontario Bookbinding. Patricia Lockhart Fleming. Page 72, pp.72-72

Subject Index to Canadian Illustrations. Mary F. Williamson. Page 73, pp.73-75

Towards a Bibliography of 18th and 19th Century Maps of Ontario. Joan Winearls. Page 76, pp.76-81

The British North American Book Trade in the 1840's: The First Crisis. George L. Parker. Page 82, pp.82-99

Books in Review. William F. E. Morley. Page 100, pp.100-125

Bernard Amtmann, Contributions to a Short-Title Catalogue of Canadiana. Bruce B. Peel. Page 101, pp.100-125

Dorothy E. Ryder, Canadian Reference Sources: A Selective Guide. Rudolph C. Ellsworth. Page 102, pp.100-125

Jane Clark, Reference Aids in Canadian History in the University of Toronto Library . Rudolph C. Ellsworth. Page 102, pp.100-125

William Ready, Library Guides to Research Reference and Bibliography: History, Bibliography for Graduate Classics Students, Subject Guide to Indexes to Periodicals Held by McMaster University Libraries and Guide to Research in Philosophy. Elizabeth Silvester. Page104, pp.100-125

Paul Painchaud, dir., Francophonie - Bibliographie, 1960-1969. Annette Hayward and Jacques Hetu. Page 106, pp.100-125

The First Supplement to the Brock Bibliography of Published Canadian Plays. Peter Greig. Page 107, pp.100-125

R.E. Watters, A Checklist of Canadian Literature and Background Materials, 1628-1960. William F. E. Morley. Page 109, pp.100-125

F. Dolores Donnelly, The National Library of Canada; a Historical Analysis of the Forces which Contributed to its Establishment and to the Identification of its Role and Responsibilities. David Sinclair. Page 111, pp.100-125

Margrit Eichler, An Annotated Selected Bibliography of Bibliographies on Women. Lin Good. Page 112, pp.100-125

Anne Woodsworth, Women: A Guide to Bibliographic Sources. Nancy C. Leitch. Page 113, pp.100-125

Cynthia Harrison, Women in Canada, 1965 to 1972: A Bibliography. Nancy C. Leitch. Page 113, pp.100-125

André Leblanc et James I. Thwaites, Le Monde Ouvrier au Quebec, Bibliographie rétrospective. Terry Copp. Page 115, pp.100-125

Deborah Defoe, Kingston: A Selected Bibliography. Margaret Angus. Page 116, pp.100-125

Margaret Angus, A Guide to Educational Records in the Possession of County Boards of Education - Eastern Ontario. Alan J. C. King. Page 116, pp.100-125

C. Anne Hemstock and Geraldine A. Cooke, Yukon Bibliography, Update 1963-1970. Gloria M. Strathern. Page 117, pp.100-125

Directory of Interlibrary Loan Policies and Photocopying Services in Canadian Libraries. Jane Wright. Page 118, pp.100-125

Lawrence Lande, The Moravian Missions to the Eskimos of Labrador: a Checklist of Manuscripts and Printed Material from 1715 to 1967, supplemented by other works on the Eskimo of Canada. William H. Whiteley. Page 119, pp.100-125

Claude Thibault, Bibliographia Canadiana. William F. E. Morley. Page 120, pp.100-125

A Guide to Scholarly Publishing in Canada. Revised edition. Peter E. Greig. Page 122, pp.100-125

Gerald R. Brown, Canada: A Provincial Look. William F. E. Morley. Page 123, pp.100-125

Le livre québécois, 1764-1972. David Sinclair. Page 123, pp.100-125

Gilbert A. Stelter, Community Development in Northeastern Ontario: A Selected Bibliography. William F. E. Morley. Page 124, pp.100-125

Gilbert A. Stelter, Canadian Urban History: A Selected Bibliography. William F. E. Morley. Page 124, pp.100-125