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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 10(1971)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 1, pp.1-1

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 2, pp.2-2

Minutes of the 1971 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 3, pp.3-6

The Games Bibliographers Play. Gordon R. Elliott. Page 7, pp.7-17

Miller's Prophecy Fulfilled, by Major John Richardson. David R. Beasley and William F.E. Morley. Page 18, pp.18-28

The Index Committee of the Society. Peter Greig. Page 29, pp.29-30

The 1971 Colloquium on Nineteenth-Century Canadian Bibliography. Page 31, pp.31-32

Four Faces of Bibliography. Fredson Bowers. Page 33, pp.33-45

Nineteenth-Century Canadian Bibliography: to the Land Behind. Douglas Lochhead. Page 46, pp.46-53

Canadiana 1867-1900: A Bibliography in Progress in the National Library of Canada. Jean Lunn. Page 54, pp.54-66

Reflections on the Making of a Bibliography. John Hare. Page 67, pp.67-69

Society and Imprints: The Lower-Canadian Case, 1801-1840. Jean-Pierre Wallot. Page 70, pp.70-72

The Historian and Nineteenth-Century Bibliography: A Personal Estimate. J.M.S. Careless. Page 73, pp.73-84

Books in Review. William F.E. Morley. Page 85, pp.85-99

Douglas Lochhead, comp., Bibliography of Canadian Bibliographies/Bibliographie des bibliographies canadiennes. William F. E. Morley. Page 86, pp.85-99

Acta Criminologica. Etudes sur la conduite antisociale/Studies of Antisocial Behaviour. Vol. V. Réjean Saint-Jacques. Page 88, pp.85-99

Inglis F. Bell and Jennifer Gallup, A Reference Guide to English, American, and Canadian Literature: An Annotated Checklist of Bibliographical and Other Reference Materials. R. C. Ellsworth. Page 89, pp.85-99

Hugh A. Taylor, New Brunswick History: A Checklist of Secondary Sources. William F. E. Morley. Page 90, pp.85-99

André Beaulieu and William F.E. Morley, La Province de Québec. Bernard Amtmann. Page 91, pp.85-99

Ontario County Atlas Reprints, 1969-1972. Edward Phelps. Page 92, pp.85-99

Z. Horbay and O. Woycenko, Ukrainica Canadiana, 1970. Oleh W. Gerus. Page 96, pp.85-99

Z. Horbay, J. Kirschbaum, O. Woycenko and T.W. Krychowski, Slavica Canadiana A.D. 1970. Andrew Gregorovich. Page 97, pp.85-99

Andrew Gregorovich, Professor J.B. Rudnyckyj - Sexagenarius (1910 - 1970): Tributes by Yar Slavutych et al.. C. N. Suchowersky. Page 98, pp.85-99