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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 9(1970)

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Editorial Note / Preminaire. Page 1, pp.1-1

Our Contributors /Nos collaborateurs. Page 2, pp.2-2

Minutes of the 1970 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 3, pp.3-7

The Marie Tremaine Medal. Page 8, pp.8-10

Obituaries / Nécrologie. Page 11, pp.11-13

Professor J. B. Rudnyckyj as a Bibliographer. Bruce Peel. Page 14, pp.14-14

American Publications in Nineteenth-Century English Canada. Allan Smith. Page 15, pp.15-29

William Kirby and the Production of the U.E. David Sinclair. Page 30, pp.30-35

Common School Texts in Use in Upper Canada Prior to 1845. J. Donald Wilson. Page 36, pp.36-53

Books in Review. William F. E. Morley. Page 54, pp.54-76

E. M. Smith, Arctic Bibliography. Nora T. Corley. Page 55, pp.54-76

Pierre Guilmette, Bibliographie de la danse théâtrale au Canada. Mary M. Jackson. Page 56, pp.54-76

Kathleen M. Snow and Philomena Hauck, Canadian Materials for Schools. Hugh A. Stevenson. Page 57, pp.54-76

Hugh A. Stevenson, A Checklist of the Herbert Read Archive in the McPherson Library of the University of Victoria. Barbara J. Lowther. Page 59, pp.54-76

Edith T. Jarvi, Guide to Basic Reference Books for Canadian Libraries. Alphee S.J. Bake. Page 60, pp.54-76

Paul-André Linteau et René Durocher, Histoire du Québec; bibliographie sélective (1867-1970). Jean-Pierre Gagnon. Page 61, pp.54-76

Livres et auteurs québécois: revue critique de l'année littéraire. P.E. Greig. Page 62, pp.54-76

Gloria M. Strathern, Navigations, Traffiques & Discoveries 1774-1848: A Guide to Publications Relating to the Area Now British Columbia. R.C. Ellsworth. Page 64, pp.54-76

Rare and Unusual Canadiana: First Supplement to the Lande Bibliography. Bruce Peel. Page 66, pp.54-76

Julian Gwyn, Reference Works for Historians; A List of Reference Works of Interest to Historians in the Libraries of the University of Ottawa. Gordon Miller. Page 68, pp.54-76

Albert A. Spratt, The Ruth Konrad Collection of Canadiana: A Descriptive Catalogue. William F. E. Morley. Page 69, pp.54-76

Flora Helena Blizzard, West Indians in Canada: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. John Burtniak. Page 70, pp.54-76

Andrew King, Pen, Paper and Printing Ink. J.H. Archer. Page 72, pp.54-76

Roy Stokes, The Function of Bibliography. W. Craig Ferguson. Page 74, pp.54-76

William Ready, Necessary Russell: An Introduction to the Life and Times of Bertrand Russell. P.E. Greig. Page 75, pp.54-76

Ron Poulton, The Paper Tyrant: John Ross Robertson of the Toronto Telegram. P.E. Greig. Page 75, pp.54-76

Clément Moïsan, L'Age de la littérature canadienne: essai. P.E. Greig. Page 75, pp.54-76

P.E. Greig. Manuel de bibliographie. 2e éd. rev. Page 76, pp.54-76