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Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada

Volume 7(1968)

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Editorial Note / Préliminaire. Page 1, pp.1-1

Our Contributors / Nos collaborateurs. Page 2, pp.2-2

Minutes of the 1968 Annual Meeting of the Society. Page 3, pp.3-5

Directory of Members of the Society (1968). Page 6, pp.6-13

Maps Relating to Alexander MacKenzie as Examples in an Application of the Principles of Cartobibliography. B. Stuart-Stubbs. Page 14, pp.14-21

Books in Review. William F. E. Morley. Page 22, pp.22-30

Bertha Bassam, The First Printers and Newspapers in Canada. Peter E. Greig. Page 23, pp.22-30

Lorraine C. Ellison, Catalogue of Canadian Newspapers in the Douglas Library, Queen's University. Peter E. Greig. Page 24, pp.22-30

Canadian Notes and Queries / Questions et Réponses canadiennes. Peter E. Greig. Page 24, pp.22-30

George F. Henderson, Federal Royal Commissions in Canada, 1867-1966: A Checklist, XVI. H. Pearson Gundy. Page 25, pp.22-30

André Beaulieu, Jean Hamelin et Benoît Bernier, Guide d'histoire du Canada. William F. E. Morley. Page 26, pp.22-30

H.A. Stevenson and F. H. Armstrong, Approaches to Teaching Local History Using Upper Canadian and Ontario Examples. Judson D. Purdy. Page 26, pp.22-30

André Beaulieu, Jean-Charles Bonenfant et Jean Hamelin, Répertoire des publications gouvernementales du Québec, 1867-1964. George F. Henderson. Page 28, pp.22-30

John Hare et Jean-Pierre Wallot, Les Imprimés dans le Bas-Canada, 1801-1840: Bibliographie analytique. I, 1801-1810. Peter E. Greig. Page 28, pp.22-30

David M. Hayne, Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-français, 1837-1900, VIII. John E. Hare. Page 29, pp.22-30

Notice sur Monsieur Jean-Baptiste Bruyère de Montréal (fac-similé). Page 31, pp.31-50

F.-A.-H. La Rue, Réponse au Mémoire de MM. Brousseau-Frères (fac-similé). Page 51, pp.51-60