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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Adams Joseph Bruce Elderslie Chesley Proprietor of the Ontario House Grenville Co., Ontario, Canada GO

Allen William Bruce Elderslie Farmer Canada GO

Anderson Duncan Bruce Elderslie Farmer Scotland GO

Anstead William Bruce Elderslie Paisley Brick and tile maker; Builder; Local Preacher London, England GO

Armstrong William Bruce Elderslie Farmer England GO

Ballachey Samuel Bruce Elderslie Farmer Scotland GO

Bearman R.P. Bruce Elderslie Chesley Retired farmer Carleton Co., Ontario, Canada GO

Bearman Thomas Sr. Bruce Elderslie Farmer; Miller; Postmaster GO

Bell Andrew Bruce Elderslie Farmer Toronto Tp., Canada GO

Briggs Charles Bruce Elderslie Paisley Keeper of livery and sale stables Canada GO

Cameron Hector Bruce Elderslie Farmer Scotland GO

Conron W.J. Bruce Elderslie Chesley Dealer in books, stationery & wall papers Canada GO


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