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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Abbott John Grey Proton Farmer Canada GO

Beard J. Grey Proton Dundalk Proprietor, Queen's Hotel Ireland GO

Davidson D. Grey Proton Dundalk Dealer, general merchandise; Commission merchant Scotland GO

Edgerton Samuel Grey Proton Farmer Ireland GO

Fleming Samuel Grey Proton Farmer; Tp. Deputy Reeve Canada GO

Grady Grey Proton Dundalk Professor, master of the science of speech Nova Scotia, Canada GO

Grey Elias B. Grey Proton Dundalk Farmer Dundalk, Ireland GO

Hall W.W. Grey Proton Hopeville General blacksmith GO

Hanbury T.M. Grey Proton Dundalk Manufacturer, boots and shoes Canada GO

Hopkinson John Grey Proton Proprietor, saw mill Canada GO

Hunter A.G. Grey Proton Dundalk Real estate, loan and general agent; Commissioner in Q.B. GO

Lamon James Grey Proton Dundalk Attorney and counsellor at law Canada GO


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