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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Anderson James Grey Normanby Farmer; Tp., Auditor Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland GO

Ashley John B. Grey Normanby Farmer; Millwright; Breeder, thorough-bred stock and horses Hampshire, England GO

Ball Hugh Grey Normanby Farmer; Fruit grower (apples and pears); Tp., Councillor Ireland GO

Ball James Grey Normanby Justice of the Peace; Farmer Fermanagh Co., Ireland GO

Ball John Grey Normanby Farmer; Apiarist Ireland GO

Barber Matthew Grey Normanby Farmer Renfrewshire, Scotland GO

Batz George Grey Normanby Tenant farmer Germany GO

Blagborne Fletcher Grey Normanby Varney School teacher, Section 1 Pelham Tp. Welland Co., Canada GO

Blyth C.M. Grey Normanby Farmer; Proprietor, saw mill Guelph, Wellington Co., Canada GO

Blyth John Grey Normanby Farmer; First Deputy Reeve Guelph, Wellington Co., Canada GO

Brown David Grey Normanby Farmer Tyendinaga, Canada GO

Brown W. Grey Normanby Ayton Teacher, school section 5 York Co., Ontario, Canada GO


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