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Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Full Record
Anderson A.M. Grey Holland Williamsford Merchant Owen Sound, Derby Tp., Canada GO

Archer Jonah Grey Holland Holland Centre Farmer Canada GO

Breese Stephen Henry Grey Holland Chatsworth Retired farmer; First settler in Chatsworth; Former Treasurer, Chatsworth Tp. Norfolk Co., England GO

Bryan Edward Grey Holland Farmer Hope Tp., Durham Co., Canada GO

Burton Francis Grey Holland GO

Burton John Grey Holland Farmer England GO

Callander David Grey Holland Holland Centre Blacksmith Scotland GO

Cameron John Grey Holland Justice of the Peace; Farmer; Tp. Deputy Reeve, 10 years Scotland GO

Campbell Alexander Grey Holland Merchant Scotland GO

Campbell Alexander Grey Holland Chatsworth Merchant Scotland GO

Crowther John Grey Holland Wagon-maker England GO

Freeborn Thomas Grey Holland Berkeley Proprietor, Hotel Ireland GO


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